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Welcome to L.A. Weddings
The No. 1 Source of Wedding Bands

We are an established manufacturer of a wide array of Wedding Bands, L.A. Wedding Rings offers a great selection of diamond rings, with choices of 14K, 18K and Platinum, sold at the great prices.

Offering our clients choices, quality, and excellent customer service. It is our goal to provide you with the perfect wedding band collection that your customers will love.

Just one silver lining we offer to lighten the load of replenishing your stocks, increasing your sales, and keeping your customers happy.

Check out wedding band collections: plain wedding bands, Flat top wedding bands, milgrain wedding bands, knife edge Wedding Bands, two tone wedding bands, designer wedding band, braided wedding band, celtic wedding band as part of the handmade wedding band collection. We also have our diamond ring line: engagement rings, 3 piece engagement and wedding band set (trios), 2 piece engagement and wedding band set (duo), semi mount rings and diamond bands.