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Story of L.A. Wedding Inc of L.A. Wedding Inc.

About L.A. Wedding Inc.

L.A. Wedding Rings is an established manufacturer of a wide array of Wedding Bands, We are in the heart of the jewelry district in Los Angeles, CA which is one of the biggest source of jewelry in the world.

All our rings are made in the U.S. and we offers a great selection of diamond rings, with choices of 14K, 18K and Platinum, sold at the great prices.

We are the preferred of many retailers, aside for getting the rings at the lowest price possible, we have excellent customer service and superior quality in all our products.. It is our goal to provide you with the perfect wedding band collection that your customers will love.

Just one silver lining we offer to lighten the load of replenishing your stocks, increasing your sales, and keeping your customers happy.


Toll Free: 866.529.3334

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